On Fate RP we allow our players to manage business’s in our server. We build out an entire script and functionality to allow your character to run the business of their dreams in roleplay. You choose how and who you want to manage it, how it’s run and how you keep it funded without the help from staff. This guide will give you a little bit of an idea on what you’ll need to do to start a business and the actions to take to keep it running. 


Getting Started

  • Have an idea of what kind of business you want to run (legal or illegal) and how you plan to generate income (selling food, party planning, etc).
  • You’ll need to have some sort of in-server money stashed to get your business started (for your “society fund” to pay your employees and the deposit on your property).
  • Submit a business proposal using one of our sample templates in a Discord ticket.
  • Answer any questions the staff may have about your business & we’ll put it to a discussion/vote to see if your idea is right for our server.
  • If approved, your the RP will need to be done in-character to begin the process of adding your business (see a real estate agent if needed or a car dealer for business vehicles). 


Running the business

  • Your business will be run as a “society fund” meaning you will need to generate some sort of income on that character to put into your business and monitor your employees paychecks. 
  • You will have access to a business storage area that will be accessible by your employees.
  • You will be able to hire, fire and set your employees pay.
  • Depending on the kind of business you run, we’ll set you up with invoicing and/or a way to make food, etc.


tips for running your business

  • Come up with a money making idea, if you aren’t generating income through your business, you will be forced to pay the bills out of your characters own bank account.
  • Schedule events at specific dates and times for players to come out, planned events always work best (post on classifieds/lifeinvader/twitter). 
  • Team up with other businesses. For example:  if you run a club, have another player owned business come do catering or have a car club night with Benny’s. 
  • Have a theme! Themed nights always get players to dress up and have fun with outfits. 
  • Offer VIP packages or specials on specific days depending on the type of business.
  • Decide if you want to pay your employees per event or have them on payroll, sometimes places like clubs pay out at the end of the night verses food establishments that have people working all the time.
  • Boss/Owner roles: we recommend you only set your society pay to $1, so you can save money for your business and pay yourself out on commission at a later time. 


the work we do to create your business

From a developer standpoint, you need to understand that we’ll need to take a number of hours of development work to add your business (especially one that is unique or brand new) to the server. This is not a quick task, so we need players to be 100% dedicated to their idea and business, otherwise the development work we do for you is a waste of our time. Please be considerate of our developers as they aren’t paid and they do these things to help the server with limited time. Now that you know the process that goes into this, if you don’t plan on sticking around and running the business, please do not start one in the first place.