law enforcement DEPARTMENTs


TECHNICAL MANUALS & Rank permissions






Cadet : /setjob (ID) police 0

Officer : /setjob (ID) police 1

Senior Officer : /setjob (ID) police 2

Corporal : /setjob (ID) police 3

Lead Corporal : /setjob (ID) police 4

Sergeant : /setjob (ID) police 5

Lieutenant : /setjob (ID) police 6

Captain : /setjob (ID) police 7

Deputy Chief : /setjob (ID) police 8

Asst. Chief of Police : /setjob (ID) police 9

Chief of Police : /setjob (ID) police 10


Deputy : /setjob (ID) police 12

Lieutenant : /setjob (ID) police 13

Captain : /setjob (ID) police 14

Major : /setjob (ID) police 15

Chief Deputy : /setjob (ID) police 16

Under Sherriff : /setjob (ID) police 17

Sherriff : /setjob (ID) police 18


Detective : /setjob (ID) police 11

Important Things To Remember

  • Do not stack charges.
  • 180 months (3 hours) max time.
  • Try to involve lawyers and judges in your RP. 
  • Good RP = Less Time.
  • If a player has been stuck in a jail cell for a very long period of time, count some of that as “time served” in jail, instead of sending for a full amount of time. 

LEO Specific

  • LEO’s are encouraged to give tickets to players standing around not moving from a single location for extended periods of time, “loitering”. 
  • Officers that are not wearing “body cam” will be held to the same standards as all other Civs when it comes to player or scenario reports. No evidence = admin discretion of what to do with the situation.
  • If an LEO RP’s that you are cuffed while down or to a hospital bed, you must RP that you are unable to move from that location/are handcuffed. Running away is failRP. 
  • Red stop lights are to be considered as stop signs. 
  • Players with an LEO character & gang character, cannot investigate or participate in police investigations that involve their character.
  • If an officer responds to a gang battle event area, they may be shot on sight. 
  • If an EMS/LEO cannot see you while down due to de-sync, put in a /report
  • If you can’t see the plate on the car or the car doesn’t have a plate, the car can’t be ID’d using the automatic license plate reader. If a vehicle is found parked or impounded, police need to physically RP out checking vin numbers to get plate numbers.
  • 1 pursuit vehicle can be “on patrol” with the same number of people it takes to rob Pacific Standard “Big Bank”.
  • If a player has a cop & gang character, do not directly involve yourself in gang related investigations that involve your gang character, this would be considered meta/power gaming.


  • Players cannot steal EMS or LEO vehicles.
  • LEO players/cars/trunks may not be robbed of any weapons.
  • You are not allowed to chop your own vehicle OR gang/business vehicles. This is a strikable exploit.
  • Once a successful pit and box maneuver is done, the original criminal chase vehicle is to stop moving (no more driving off when officers get out of their vehicles) and is taken out of the scenario. If a criminal chooses to continue the scenario, they may only flee on foot/perform GTA or commence a shootout.
  • Shooting outside of cars while driving at high rates of speed is not allowed. Drivebys can only be done with RP prior AND going 20mph. Shooting from car to car can only be done at 50mph or lower.
  • The Liberator is NOT to be used for crime. Period. If anyone is caught using it for robberies, against the police or anything other than civ RP scenarios.
  • It is against the rules to remove plates on cars from the extras menu to perform crime to try to hide illegal acts from police. We are aware that some cars have bumper/plate for cosmetic reasons (show cars) and that’s fine. Using the extras menu to remove the plate is against our rules and will result in a strike. It’s OP and unfair to both civ players & officers (especially since the plate remover script was removed).


  • Low level police corruption is allowed under sergeant level only. Above this rank corruption is not allowed.
  • No EMS or LEO corruption is allowed while on duty. 
  • The selling of PD weapons and physical evidence (ie weapons, drugs, etc) is not allowed, if caught, it will result in IC being fired from PD and an OOC strike. Low level corruption is allowed, just not the sale of equipment.

Kidnappings & Hostages 

  • LEO can only be kidnapped if 4+ officers are on duty (1 cop will be required to be on in order to harm EMS players on duty).
  • With 2 EMS and 3 officers on duty, players can kidnap EMS players from Pillbox. (If it becomes farming again, we will need to talk to individual players doing it because griefing is against the rules).
  • Civilians can be kidnapped with zero cops on.
  • If a LEO or EMS is kidnapped while on duty, their tracker can be removed by kidnappers and must be mentioned in a /report by the kidnappers immediately after being removed, so that a staff member can take that player off duty.
  • Hostages cannot be held longer than 30 min unless the scenario progresses and all parties involved are pleased with the scenario.
  • You can’t kidnap or rob the same player repeatedly, this can be classified as griefing.
  • Hostages should be put in the trunk of a car/SUV (4 seats taken, use the trunk) 
  • Hostages are NOT to be /carry ‘d on a motorcycle.
  • Hostages must not be a willing participant for hostage takers. If caught, all players will be subject to punishment.


  • Players can only be robbed of their belongings and money on their character and not their bank account. 
  • Motorcycles may not be parked inside of a building.
  • If LEO’s/criminals/gang members have a shooter in the bushes/across the street, they are required to announce their presence, but not their location, so it isn’t considered RDM. Unarmed lookouts do not have to be announced.
  • You may rob 1 store clerk every 10 minutes, this prevents chain robbing and unrealistic criminal activity.
  • Only 4 criminals/gang members are allowed to commit crime together at one time (robbery, lookout, driver, etc). However you can rob a BANK with 1 more criminal compared to cops. Ex. 5 Cops online you can rob a bank with 6 people.
  • There must be: 
    • 1 officer to hold up a shop owner and NPC muggings. 
    • 2 officers on duty to do a jewelry/store robbery. 
    • 3 officers for Fleeca Bank and Pacific Standard. 

Maintaining Activity

  • Players in supervisor positions will be required to be active in-server at least 2-3 days weekly to maintain their departments. Staff discretion will be used for removal of said players from those roles due to inactivity. 
  • Inactive gangs or businesses will be removed or migrated to other players after a month of inactivity at the discretion of the staff team.
  • If you manage a business, it is your responsibility to keep your society account filled, paying your employees and hiring players into said business.
  • If a player leaves the server, it is up to the discretion of the staff team to sell or foreclose on any property they may have invested in after a month of inactivity.
  • If you are the leader of a gang/cult/organization and you are inactive for a month, but the group is still active within the server, the group will be handed off to the secondary higher up player in said group at the discretion of staff.