Fate Roleplay is a soft-allowlisted Grand Theft Auto Roleplay community on FiveM with an 18+ playerbase.


We are an economy based server that offers the freedom to RP in creative ways.

We are a  community founded by serious and veteran roleplayers, that  are focused on creating great roleplay. We ask that our players be considerate of others in creating scenarios so that they are fun and beneficial for all the parties involved.

We’ve built a set of rules that are unique to our sever needs, such as no NLR, which encourages players to be more creative in their roleplay.

Our development teams goal is to work quickly to implement bug fixes, server changes and build out custom experiences for players that are truly unique to our server.

We have a dedicated player base and a very nice community filled with really great people.

How to Join

Have a basic idea of what you want your character to do and how you want them to act. See our “Creating a Character” page for more info. 

Please read and follow all of our rules. They are different from other servers.
FiveM Rules

Our community is primarily on Discord, join there to learn how to be allowlisted on FiveM. 


Go to “Steam ID Finder” and get your HEX ID then post it on Discord in “Allowlist-Request” channel.

Please be patient with us as we will usually get back to you within 2 to 5 hours depending on the time of day (but it may be a bit longer). 

Once you are allowlisted and have teamspeak with the Tokovoip plugin, you are ready to enter the server!

We look forward to roleplaying with you! 

Server Features

  • Simple allowlist process makes getting started easy.
  • Fully established rules and handbooks for every department.
  • High paying whitelisted jobs and many job center employment options.
  • Realistic roleplay. 18+ adult player base.
  • Fully optimized city beautification: Updated maps, vegetation, streets, etc.
  • Full drug and robbery systems all over map: Cocaine, Meth, Weed, Opium, Mescaline, Lean & Moonshine.
  • Functioning police stations in Los Santos, Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay.
  • LSPD, BCSO & EMS Departments with in-game LEO & EMS MDT systems.
  • Fully developed DOJ system: Penal codes, laws, etc.
  • Inflated, but balanced, economy based system.
  • Non-lore-friendly gangs with custom gang MLO hideouts, gang restricted drugs and gang cars. 
  • Live anywhere! Rentals and property ownership including player owned businesses.
  • Custom clothing for LEO, EMS, Gangs and Civilians. 

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