Server features

  • Simple allowlist process makes getting started easy.
  • Fully established rules and handbooks for every department.
  • High paying whitelisted jobs and job center employment.
  • Tokovoip. Realistic roleplay. 18+ adult player base.
  • City beautification: Updated MRPD, vegetation/beautification maps, etc.
  • Full drug and robbery systems all over map: Cocaine, Meth, Weed, Opium,  Mescaline & Moonshine.
  • Functioning police stations in Los Santos, Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay.
  • LSPD, BCSO, SAPR & EMS Departments.
  • In-game LEO & EMS MDT system (no CAD registration required!)
  • Fully developed DOJ system: Penal codes, laws, etc.
  • Balanced, economy based system.
  • Non-lore-friendly gangs.
  • Live anywhere! Rentals and property.
  • Custom clothing. 
  • Fully optimized.


how to join



Fate Roleplay is a public Grand Theft Auto Roleplay community on FiveM with an adult playerbase. We are an economy based server that offers the freedom to RP in creative ways. As a community founded by serious and veteran roleplayers, we are hyper focused on creating great roleplay. We ask that our players be considerate of others in creating scenarios so that they are fun and beneficial for all the parties involved. We’ve built a set of rules that are unique to our sever needs, such as no NLR, which encourages players to be more creative in their roleplay. Our development teams goal is to work quickly to implement bug fixes, server changes and build out custom experiences for players that are truly unique to our server. We’ve officially hit one year! We have a dedicated player base and a very nice community filled with really great people.

create Your Story



When creating a character, it’s always best to have a background, theme or story for the character in mind. You character being something interesting or well thought out affects the world at whole around you and changes the story for other players. Things to keep in mind when you create your character: will your character be a criminal or a hard working fisherman? Are you going to be highly motivated or extremely lazy? Do you want to run a business or be a bodyguard? Do you want to live a rich life or do you want to be homeless? The choice is entirely yours, but we encourage you to stick within the boundaries you have set for your character. Ask yourself, “if I am a homeless civilian, would I be driving a million dollar sports car?” Roleplay isn’t about who has the fastest cars, most money or largest armory, it’s about character development and storytelling.