Welcome to “Fate Roleplay,” an 18+ immersive storytelling experience set in the sprawling landscape of San Andreas within the world of Grand Theft Auto IV, brought to life through FiveM.

In “Fate Roleplay,” captivating storylines await your character’s exploration. Uncover hidden conspiracies that lurk within the seedy underbelly of San Andreas, solve perplexing mysteries that have stumped the city’s most brilliant minds, and face formidable challenges that push your character’s courage and resilience. From a street-savvy criminal to a charismatic entrepreneur, the choices are yours to make as your fate is intertwined with other players.

Form alliances or establish your own faction, aligning with like-minded individuals to shape the political, criminal, or law enforcement landscape of San Andreas. Engage in fierce rivalries or strategic partnerships that carry the weight of destiny itself. The fate of these factions lies in your hands, and the consequences of your decisions ripple throughout the city.

Delve into the dynamic economy of San Andreas, where opportunities for financial growth abound. Engage in legal or illicit activities, such as running profitable businesses or orchestrating daring heists. Amass wealth, influence, and power as you navigate the intricate economic web of San Andreas, leaving your mark on its financial landscape.

Throughout your journey, participate in regular server-wide events and challenges designed to push the boundaries of your roleplaying skills. Experience city-wide catastrophes, adrenaline-pumping races, and grand tournaments that test your character’s determination. 

Join our supportive community of passionate roleplayers who share your love for immersive storytelling to create unforgettable narratives. Our dedicated staff ensures a welcoming environment, fair play, and fosters creativity among our players.

In “Fate Roleplay,” the destiny of San Andreas is in your hands. Embrace the opportunities that await, uncover the secrets that lie beneath the surface, and leave your lasting mark on this living, breathing world.

Join us and embark on an extraordinary journey where your choices shape the fate of San Andreas.

How to Join

Have a basic idea of what you want your character to do and how you want them to act. See our “Creating a Character” page for more info. 

Please read and follow all of our rules. They are different from other servers.
FiveM Rules

Our community is primarily on Discord, join there to learn how to be allowlisted on FiveM. 


Be sure to read “How to Join” on Discord to follow instructions to be allowlisted.

Once you are allowlisted, you are ready to enter the server!

We look forward to roleplaying with you! 

Server Features

  • Simple allowlist process makes getting started easy.
  • Fully established rules and handbooks for every department.
  • High paying whitelisted jobs and many job center employment options.
  • Realistic roleplay. 18+ adult player base.
  • Fully optimized city beautification: Updated maps, vegetation, streets, etc.
  • Full drug and robbery systems all over map: Cocaine, Meth, Weed, Opium, Mescaline, Lean & Moonshine.
  • Functioning police stations in Los Santos, Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay.
  • LSPD, BCSO & EMS Departments with in-game LEO & EMS MDT systems.
  • Fully developed DOJ system: Penal codes, laws, etc.
  • Inflated, but balanced, economy based system.
  • Non-lore-friendly gangs with custom gang MLO hideouts, gang restricted drugs and gang cars. 
  • Live anywhere! Rentals and property ownership including player owned businesses.
  • Custom clothing for LEO, EMS, Gangs and Civilians. 

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