Once you have downloaded and installed the necessary apps, please take a few minutes to read the rules of our FiveM and Discord servers. Our rules are very different from other servers so please read carefully. We’ve built a set of rules that are unique to our server’s needs, such as no NLR, which helps promote more creative roleplay. We encourage you to review these guides on a regular basis, as they are living documents that receive routine updates. We suggest reviewing the Rules Handbook once a month to keep the information fresh in your mind. Please also review the possible disciplinary actions that may be taken if you don’t follow the rules. Saying you didn’t know about a rule is not an acceptable excuse and will not avoid disciplinary action.


Basic Community & Server Rules


  • Players must be 18 or over to participate on any of the FRP game servers. No exceptions. (If you are gaming on this server, we assume that you are 18 and are not liable for any adult language or content you might come into contact with.) 
  • Do NOT DM staff for support or server questions! Open a support ticket so that the whole staff can see it and be available to help you, if you are in-game, do a /report to contact an admin. 
  • Frequent blatant rule breaking and/or being toxic overall will result in a ban. This is up to the discretion of the staff team. Be respectful of other players and this community. Don’t be a troll in-character just to bait/harass people. 
  • Harassment, racism, sexism, trolling/drama, must win attitudes or hateful speech of ANY kind will not be tolerated on Discord, any of our game servers or in players streaming chats. This includes any use of any variation of the “N” and “R” words in any capacity. Respect other members of this community, we’re providing a positive space to game, keep it that way.  
  • Be considerate of others’ roleplay! You should strive to make the best possible scenario for your fellow players. Interactions with all other players should be played to the benefit of ALL players roleplay experience. Win or lose, this is something we do for fun, when everyone is having fun we all win. 
  • Use of outside discord servers, private voice chats or third party voice communication while on FiveM is prohibited for in-character communication. When communicating with anyone in-server, please mute and communicate in the city so that everyone can hear you. In-character voice communication must be done in server, no exceptions.
    Example: People are hanging out in the FRP discord general chat while farming apart from each other in server. If you are talking to somebody in-server mute yourself or deafen to better immerse yourself in the roleplay scenario.
  • Attempts to find loopholes or skirting around the rules is not allowed and up to the discretion of the staff to decide punishment after deliberation for the aforementioned actions. 
  • Abusing game mechanics or exploits are prohibited on ANY of our servers. This will result in a permanent ban. Any game exploits should be reported to developers if found. 
  • No Griefing. Do not continually attack or target a player over and over again if a problem has already previously been resolved via RP. This can be considered as a form of harassment. 
  • If a rule has been broken, do not break character, finish the scenario first. Open a player report ticket once the scenario is finished, do not open a ticket mid-scenario. If something is urgent, continue the roleplay and /report a staff member. 
  • Ban evasion will not be tolerated. If you have been banned, you can ask a staff member to create a ban appeal ticket for you.



    • Players are required to change their Discord “nicknames” to their character name/s.
    • No starting drama or being toxic in any public ooc chat channels. If you have a problem with another player, make a “player complaint” ticket. 
    • Do NOT DM staff!


Fail RP

  • Meta Gaming is prohibited, banned on first offence.
    • Examples of metagaming:
      • Watching live/vod streams to learn information about other characters or locations and using that information in roleplay.
      • Any information learned from OOC chat on Discord.
  • Power Gaming will not be tolerated.
    • Examples of power gaming:
      • Using/abusing game mechanics or exploits to gain an advantage.
      • Do not hide in a house or apartment (instance) to avoid an active roleplay scene.
      • Using other characters that aren’t in a specific gang/group/investigation to help your own/friends gang/group/investigation get further ahead.
      • Using any information learned on other characters and transferring it to other players by means of giving it back to yourself.
      • Logging out before finishing a scenario when being forced into a 48 hour coma to avoid giving players your requested items. 
  • RDM (Random Death Match) and/or VDM (Vehicle Death Match) against other players will not be tolerated.
    • Running over or shooting at a player with little or no dialogue prior to that person’s understanding of the scenario is considered Fail RP.
    • All “hitman” actions must be carried out with a proper amount of RP. The player to be killed must understand that this may be coming to their character.
    • Running people over with a vehicle in ANY instance is VDM.
    • Any and all conflict MUST be initiated verbally, no talking will result in Fail RP.
  • Players are not allowed to “combat log” to avoid punishment/being killed (If your game crashes, you are required to come back and finish the scenario).
    • Examples of combat logging: 
      • Being downed by police and disconnecting to avoid being arrested.
      • Being chased by police/criminals and logging out in the middle of the scenario. 
  • Using any player based menu (that show player names or count) as “In-character” information is prohibited. Player menus are only to be used to: Plan heists to see how many officers per bank/robberies, to see if doctors are available, etc. in order to plan an RP scenerio. This includes any billing system if players are attempting to disguise their identity.  
  • Information that you hear through walls is not allowed to be used in roleplay (this is a game mechanics issue). You may only use information if your character is in the same room or hall with those other characters. 
  • Communication is required before any gun fight or attack. This includes phone messages/LifeInvader/Birdy with an apparent meaning or outright threat. This must be properly communicated/understood by the opposing players and not just sent out moments before an attack.  
  • Making up treatments/injuries/changing scenarios for any RP to be presented as “evidence” for a legal case is power gaming and not allowed. ALL rp and evidence that can be used should be fully RP’d at the time of the incident (ie RPing injuries and providing documentation that day, not when asked for by a lawyer and made up on the spot).  
  • Do not insert yourselves into other players RP. If you were not directly involved with that scenario and/or directly affiliated with that crew/gang and/or are called to join in. 
  • Do not do things that your character cannot physically do. Dropping items while handcuffed, using a phone or radio while tied up, stacking more than two on a motorcycle and so on.  

    Roleplay Realistically 

  • Examples: (These scenarios are completely unrealistic and must be avoided).
      • If you are in a car chase and jump your car off a bridge you must stop once you land, your car would no longer be able to function in a real life situation. 
      • If you are being chased by police and get away, a criminal wouldn’t circle around again to see where police are. 
      • You wouldn’t return to the scene of a crime to pick up a vehicle if you can see police processing the area. 
      • Do not intentionally jump off of buildings unless you are planning to permadeath a character. 
      • Drive realistically, do not play bumper cars. 
      • Masks and LEO/EMS uniforms cannot be worn in everyday life.
      • Players are NOT to /carry other players on a motorcycle to exceed more than 3 players. (This is only to be used in an emergency. Example: 1 player on a bike carries another player to Eclipse Medical).   




  • Players are required to stay in-character at ALL times while in the server. No OOC conversation will happen in-game unless explicitly asked by an admin.
  • Value your life. Treat your life as if you have no respawns left, your life is important, so protect it.
  • All characters MUST be a custom character, no default model (“Mr. Clean/Default Dan”) characters will be allowed (unless using a default model as a Patreon backer to access PED room).
  • “Asset dumping” to another player or character, if you plan to leave the server, is not allowed. Players can’t transfer assets to another player without prior in-character reasoning.
    • A lawyer will need to be contacted to create a Last Will. Lawyers will need to put that “on-file” in the legal Discord channels. 
    • A “Last Will” will need to be created BEFORE a character permadeaths.
    • An itemized checklist of assets will need to be given: including the license plate number of vehicles & property.
    • Players are not allowed to transfer their own assets to their other personal  characters.
    • Players cannot put any Government Funded businesses in a Last Will.
    • Married players automatically transfer assets upon their permadeath to their spouses without a Last Will.  
  • Dismemberment RP: Should only be small pieces that can always be repaired through means of EMS (ie: a finger, tongue, toe, ear, teeth, etc). Anything larger, unless agreed on by both parties, is not allowed.
  • ERP is allowed within reason between consenting adults, not within public areas of the server OR on the FRP Discord channels, and may not be streamed.
  • No sexual harassment or rape RP. Period. Making jokes about such things is also unacceptable.
  • No threatening or committing suicide without the perma death of the character.
  • Players are not allowed to exactly replicate a character/likeness or story. Staff reserves the right to deem a story, character, or likeness too close to originals and can ask you to change it. If you are unsure if it is acceptable please put in a ticket so staff can discuss.
  • Players can not play a character that is under 18 years old.
  • Players cannot roleplay as supernatural creatures. (Example: Person robs a store as a ghost, they’re clearly high on drugs VS a person who states that they have no heartbeat/has super healing because they are a vampire, is not realistic).
  • Serial killer characters are a “one and done” type character. Once caught with enough evidence for a trial and found guilty, character MAY receive the death penalty.
  • Players cannot force permadeath on other players.
  • Players cannot have both a cop and a criminal character until they become an “Established Citizen”.
  • Faking your own death (fake perma death) MUST be approved by staff prior to doing so.
  • If a player plans to “coma” their character, this means it should be on a long term basis, not just a day or two.
  • No loitering, this isn’t VRChat! Plan an event, go dirt biking, go to the beach. Don’t sit around talking in a circle in a single place for long periods of time just to socialize.
  • Follow the guidelines you have set for your character (more about this in the Character Creation Guide):  
    • Your character is an old man, he wouldn’t walk very fast. 
    • Your character has a fear of guns, don’t carry one.
    • Your character doesn’t like shoes, go barefoot.


Fear For Life


  • Fear RP: If your character is held at gunpoint, you need to fear for your life. Don’t run away, play out the scenario with your captors (guns must be present, not just yelling you have guns behind tinted windows or in your pocket). 
  • Choosing not to Fear RP: If you decide to not fear for your life because you want to play your character as a fearless loose cannon.
    If you run away or fight back with guns pointed at you and end up losing the fight, you are required to go into an automatic 48 hour coma. The scenario must be finished out with whoever has you in custody in RP (you cannot talk in this state, only /me’s or /do’s). Once downed your character cannot remember any of the scenarios of why you are in the coma (New Life Rule). This is your choice, to either comply and remember what the aggressors looked like/what they were driving/etc (Fear for Life) or get killed and not remember anything while putting that character on the back burner for 48 hours. If we see that character in the city before that 48 hour period is over, it will result in an automatic strike. No questions asked. (If a person doesn’t fear and this happens please do a /report at the time and open a ticket.) 
  • Power Shift: If you are being held at gunpoint and someone else in your crew or person directly involved in the scenario gets the opportunity to take their own hostage (2 kidnappers, but the one not holding the hostage gets held up by another person) or gets the gunman at gunpoint, this is considered a power shift. Now the odds have balanced to a 1 hostage v 1 hostage. Negotiations to end this with no bullets can now begin. Not fearing for your partner’s life is Fail RP. 

Example: Mac goes to the bank by pink cage looking for a hostage for a pacific bank robbery and sees Julian standing next to his car. Mac hops out and tells Julian to put his hands up and get in the car. Mac has his back to the doors and Lukas was inside putting money away and holds Mac up from behind. Mac knows this is a failed scenario and keeps Julian in his sights and says he will leave peacefully, as he makes his way back into his car and drives off. If they choose to follow him that’s on them but no bullets were fired and the scenario has ended.


Roleplaying Your Injuries

  • If you are hurt, you must RP your injuries and RP them as being hurt realistically.
    • Your character wouldn’t be able to run if you have a broken leg, use a wheelchair.
    • RP out your head injuries by being loopy or have someone take care of you.
    • If you are hit by a local vehicle while in a scenario, you would be seriously injured. 
    • If an EMS says you must be watched by someone else, another player needs to babysit you.
    • If EMS says you need to stay in the hospital for treatment you must RP that.

  • When you are downed during a scenario and require medical RP, you are officially out of that scenario (rp your injuries, go to a different cop call, but you can’t return to the scenario that you were downed in). 
  • Players are not to communicate while downed due to a 48 hour coma or in an instance where they could be realistically incapacitated (head injury, shot to head, “knocked out”, etc.). Painful responses to EMS/LEO if asked are allowed in cases of an animal bite, shot through arm, etc. Be realistic with your injury roleplay. While downed you cannot use your phone/radio to communicate/tell your location to other players, including “warning clicks”. Moans, groans and grunts in proximity are allowed, but not over radio. 
  • When downed, do NOT force respawn unless you absolutely have to. Allow EMS, Police or other players will try to resolve through roleplay. 





  • Voices cannot be used against anybody if masked. If you recognize someone’s voice in a robbery, you cannot use the said voice to get a warrant for someone’s arrest or to retaliate against them. Only physical evidence can be used. 
  • Physical Body cameras, phone cameras and CCTV are the only footage that can be used against a person as evidence in-character. “Smart Glasses” and such do not count and cannot be used. Audio can still be recorded for phone calls. 
  • The aircraft carrier and military base zones are prohibited from entering.
  • Players cannot return to a previous roleplay scene after they have completely removed themselves from it. Example: You leave to fix your car, you are out of the scenario & can’t return. Example: All of the police have been downed and they are starting to be rescued, you can’t return to the scene gun them down again. 


Meta Profiling

Players are not to engage in “meta-profiling.” This is a type of meta-gaming in which players use prior knowledge or information about another player or their character to link the character to a scenario without solid evidence or proof of that character’s involvement. Proper evidence MUST be obtained of that character’s involvement in the situation in question in order to create further investigation

  • Examples of meta profiling: 
    • Bob’s character, Little Mikey, drives an orange Escalade. No other character on the server drives an Escalade. A blue Escalade is involved in a drive-by shooting. Players cannot assume that Little Mikey was involved in the shooting until evidence is obtained to support the connection, such as a plate number or a tip from a Benny’s employee about a paint job.
    • Lisa’s character, Jill, always wears pink combat boots. A robbery is committed in which eyewitnesses report seeing one of the criminals wearing pink combat boots. Players must not assume Jill was involved in the robbery without a proper investigation.
    • Sam’s character, Pat, commits a crime while wearing a mask. Another player recognizes Sam’s voice. This information cannot be used to link Pat to the crime without other evidence to support it.



  • Criminals are not allowed to camp or claim drugs, money laundry or black market locations. 
  • No beefing with EMS over them doing their jobs, aka informing cops of criminals coming checking in to Pillbox if police are actively looking for them. Personal beef created any other way is acceptable.
  • Do not garage your vehicle or hide in an apartment if you are in a chase to avoid punishment from the police. This will result in a strike.
  • Do not “cop bait”, driving around the police station to get them to chase or general harassment of police is prohibited.
  • /scene is no longer allowed to be used as graffiti. All tagging must be done using a spray can.
  • Do not spray/scene vulgar or hate speech in the server. 
  • Shooting at any public officials (EMS/DOJ/LEO). When you commit a crime the max time is 60 months, BUT the moment you decide to fire at an EMS employee or officer, the arresting officer can chose to stack charges and put you in jail for a max of 120 months


  • Players cannot steal EMS or LEO vehicles.
  • LEO players/cars/trunks may not be robbed of any police weapons. Weapons confiscated by criminals are fine.
  • You are not allowed to chop your own vehicle OR gang/business vehicles. This is a strikable exploit.
  • Once a successful pit and box-in maneuver is done, the original criminal vehicle is to stop moving (no more driving off when officers get out of their vehicles) and is taken out of the scenario. If a criminal chooses to continue the scenario, they may only flee on foot/perform GTA or commence a shootout. Criminals are not allowed to “push out” (forcing their way out by ramming police cars out of the way) of a vehicle box or dead end they are trapped in.
  • Shooting outside of cars while driving at high rates of speed is not allowed. “Drive-bys” can only be done with RP prior AND going 20mph. Shooting from car to car can only be done at 50mph or lower.
  • The Liberator is NOT to be used for crime. Period. If anyone is caught using it for robberies, against the police or anything other than civ RP scenarios.
  • It is against the rules to remove plates on cars from the extras menu to perform crime to try to hide illegal acts from police. We are aware that some cars have bumper/plate for cosmetic reasons (show cars) and that’s fine. Using the extras menu to remove the plate is against our rules and will result in a strike. It’s OP and unfair to both civ players & officers.
  • Repair kits are not allowed to be used in an active scenario/situation.
    • If an LEO has to use a repair kit (IF MECHANICS ARE OFF DUTY! Use mechanics if they are on duty!) they must go to MRPD to “Get a new car” Even if its the same car it needs to be done this way. If the chase is still going on by the time the officer gets this done they can rejoin the chase if needed.
    • Criminals or any players in an active scenario need to wait to repair until they have 100% gotten away from whoever is chasing them.


  • Low level police corruption is allowed under sergeant level only. Above this rank corruption is not allowed.
  • No EMS or LEO corruption is allowed while on duty. 
  • The selling of PD weapons/tools and evidence already placed in the evidence locker (ie: weapons, drugs, etc) is not allowed, if caught, it will result in IC being fired from PD and an OOC strike. Low level corruption is allowed, just not the sale of equipment.

LEO Specific

  • LEO’s are encouraged to give tickets to players standing around not moving from a single location for extended periods of time, “loitering”. 
  • Officers that are not wearing “body cam” will be held to the same standards as all other Civs when it comes to player or scenario reports. No evidence = admin discretion of what to do with the situation.
  • If an LEO RP’s that you are cuffed while down or to a hospital bed, you must RP that you are unable to move from that location/are handcuffed. Running away is failRP. 
  • Red stop lights are to be considered as stop signs. 
  • Players with an LEO character & gang character, cannot investigate or participate in police investigations that involve their character.
  • If an officer responds to a gang battle event area, they may be shot on sight. 
  • If you can’t see the plate on the car or the car doesn’t have a plate, the car can’t be ID’d using the automatic license plate reader. If a vehicle is found parked or impounded, police need to physically RP out checking vin numbers to get plate numbers.
  • 1 pursuit vehicle can be “on patrol” with the same number of officers that it takes to rob Pacific Standard “Big Bank”.
  • If a player has a cop & gang character, do not directly involve yourself in gang related investigations that involve your gang character, this would be considered meta/power gaming.



  • LEO can only be kidnapped if 4+ officers are on duty (1 cop will be required to be on in order to harm EMS players on duty).
  • With 2 EMS and 3 officers on duty, players can kidnap EMS players from Eclipse (Do not farm EMS players).
  • Civilians can be kidnapped with zero cops on.
  • Hostages cannot be held longer than 30 min unless the scenario progresses and all parties involved are pleased with the scenario.
  • You can’t kidnap or rob the same player repeatedly, this can be classified as griefing.
  • Hostages should be put in the trunk of a car/SUV (4 seats taken, use the trunk) 
  • Hostages are NOT to be /carry ‘d on a motorcycle.
  • Hostages must not be a willing participant for hostage takers. Hostages must be found randomly and not a friend willing to be a hostage for a crime. If caught, all players will be subject to punishment.


  • Players can only be robbed of the belongings and money on their character, not their bank account.
  • NO POCKET WIPES: Players cannot steal every item from a single players pocket, items must make sense for the RP.
  • Players must be “held up/hands up” in order to be robbed.
  • Do not camp job sites to steal from other players pockets (ie material theft, but kidnapping is fine)
  • When doing a robbery, only the criminals who originally set up the job can be involved. No outside help can come at any time, this includes a car chase or a shootout (no radioing for backup or a pickup). 
  • Motorcycles may not be parked inside of a building.
  • If LEO’s/criminals/gang members have a shooter in the bushes/across the street, they are required to announce their presence, but not their location, so it isn’t considered RDM. Unarmed lookouts do not have to be announced.
  • Criminals can use motorcycles during crimes only when 3 or more cops are on duty.
  • Criminals can no longer “shoot out” cameras in bank robberies.
  • Up to 4 criminals/gang members are allowed to commit crime together at one time (drug deals, kidnappings, gang activities, house robberies, etc). Players can match the number of officers for bank and store robberies (example: 5 officers vs 5 robbers in the bank).
  • Increased Fine for getting your car out of impound when using a personal vehicle for robbery and a 48 hour hold on the vehicle.

Gang Activity 

  • Players are not allowed to have two characters in the same group/gang.
  • It’s the gang leaders responsibility to keep gang members in check. 
  • No gang jumping: If you leave a gang you have to wait 2 weeks to join a different gang. If at that time you join another gang, you can’t gang jump for another month.
  • No outright snitching an entire gang to the police. Just because they removed you from it or you have beef doesn’t mean you should kill RP for others, respect other’s RP (police can’t investigate if you hand them a gang and it kills players progress in what they built). 
  • If the police gather enough evidence to raid your gang, you will be put on a cooldown of 1 week before you can begin to rebuild. 
  • Don’t take anything that you didn’t earn or work for in a gang if you decide to leave. Wiping out an entire gang storage isn’t fair to other players.
  • Temporary alliances are accepted within RP reason, do not make hard permanent alliances with other gangs.
  • Small hits and retaliations are okay, but before it becomes griefing, gangs must meet to “settle” differences in a gang battle. Leaders need to discuss the terms of battle locations and if it’s melee or guns used in fighting in RP and open a ticket in Discord. 
  • If members attack each other in small fights, allow those players time to recover and heal up a bit. Do not grief other gang members. 
  • Gang Battle players are restricted to the same number of people as the lowest gang number (ie 2v2, 5v5, 9v9), if you want more players, form temporary alliances with other gangs/criminals. 
  • Max active players in a single gang allowed online at one time is 4 (not including gang members working a whitelist job, ie: on-duty mechanic not involved in gang activity). Players are allowed to exceed that number when involved in a planned gang battle. 
  • Cooldown after a gang battle has finished is 2 days. 
  • Do not metagame gangs based on spray OR territories menu,
  • Do not spray other gang tags if you are not in that gang, only your own tag or general non-gang related text may be used.
  • Un-tape someone BEFORE leaving them, don’t leave players duct taped! 
  • Players are required to hold someone up with a gun/weapon BEFORE they can be duct taped.
  • Gangs are not allowed to intentionally hide their gang spray paint or attempt to paint in places that are extremely hard to remove (sprays must be on street/player level and visible from street view).


  • Mechanics can’t use lockpicking job menu for crime.
  • Players MUST utilize and create RP for whitelisted jobs while they are on duty. This includes mechanics, EMS, police, taxi services, etc.
  • No player shall steal or abuse businesses or society funds (It breaks the economy and kills RP for player-owned business. This is a strikeable offense.). 
    • Examples:
      • Selling a car without creating an invoice for the player buying a car.
      • Performing upgrades on cars at mechanics without billing players or shorting upgrade prices.
      • Taking money directly from Society Fund.
      • Sitting around on-duty collecting a paycheck without any RP.


Maintaining Activity On The Server

  • Players in supervisor positions will be required to be active in-server at least 2-3 days weekly to maintain their departments. Staff discretion will be used for removal of players from those roles due to inactivity. 
  • If you are the leader of a gang/cult/organization and you are inactive for a month, but the group is still active within the server, the group will be handed off to the secondary higher up player in said group at the discretion of staff. 
  • Inactive gangs and businesses will be migrated to other players or removed after a month of inactivity at the discretion of the staff team.
  • If you manage a business, it is your responsibility to keep your society account filled, paying your employees and hiring players into said business.
  • If a player leaves the server, it is up to the discretion of the staff team to sell or foreclose on any property they may have invested in after 2 months of inactivity.


Consequences of Being Banned or Leaving

The server databases undergo routine maintenance and cleanup every two months. During this maintenance, perma’d characters or characters of players who have left or been removed and all of those characters’ in-game assets (money, cars, property, etc.) are deleted. This is done to reduce server load and free up resources for active players. Once a character and its assets are wiped from the databases, there is no way to recover them. 

If you are banned from the server your character(s) and all of your in-game assets are forfeit. They will be wiped from the server database during the maintenance cycle following your ban. In the event your ban is lifted and you are allowed to return, you will be required to start over as if your character(s) were brand new.

If you choose to leave for more than two months without taking a formal leave of absence or otherwise notifying the Owners of your intent to return, your character(s) and all in-game assets may be wiped from the database during routine maintenance. If you need to take a break for OOC reasons and you intend to return, be sure to keep in touch so that your character(s) and assets are not deleted. 


  • Twitch TOS and Community Guidelines are to be followed at all times. 
  • ERP may not be streamed, it does not fall within most streaming TOS.
  • Stream sniping and metagaming will NOT be tolerated, first offense is your last offense, we take this very seriously. Using a streamers live stream or vod to gain information about storyline specific in-game things is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban from this server.
  • Watching or listening to a stream while in the FiveM server is up to the discretion of the streamer. 
    • If you are asked to leave the streamers channel while in the server, you must comply.
    • If you are allowed to watch the channel while on the server, you must not be actively involved in player to player roleplay if speaking in their chat. Priority is to be shifted to the server. Do not talk in the streamers chat if you are in an active scenario with them! 
    • Players who are directly involved in the roleplay on the server, may not make suggestions to change the direction of the rp in a streamers channel. This can be considered meta and power gaming.
  • Speaking ill of other players, servers, admins/owners on stream or harassing streamers in their chat is not allowed. If there is an issue with someone, please put in a player complaint ticket so we can look into the issue further.
  • Players are not allowed to clip other players’ streams to use against them in a player complaint ticket.
  • Using clips or highlights as evidence in RP, you will need to be using one of the following: The in-game cellphone, camcorder or a clothing item that resembles a “body cam” on your character. Dashcam is allowed only if the camera is facing front and you are in the vehicle. 

Established Citizen

What’s an Established Citizen?

Role-playing is about creating stories with fellow players. Everyone is encouraged to get to know people, participate in or coordinate server-wide events, and engage with others in ways that provide a fun, enjoyable experience for all. Quality RP benefits the community as a whole. Established Citizens are players who have been formally recognized for their dedication to community-building and engagement. 


Why would I want to become an Established Citizen?

Players who have proven they are dependable, trustworthy, and have taken the time to establish a name for themselves and their characters have the opportunity to become Established Citizens. Established Citizens enjoy extra in-game benefits such as:

  • Allowed to own property on the server and see properties for sale.
  • The option to manage/own a business.
  • Gain access to established citizen discord roles and chats. 
  • Allowed to vote in “community voting” sessions.
  • Allowed to acquire a pilot’s license.
  • Gain the ability to have both a cop & a gang-affiliated criminal character. 


How do I become an Established Citizen?

To become an Established Citizen requires time and effort. It’s not difficult, but it won’t happen overnight either. This is a reward system for players who have proven they are dependable and will stick around on the server. Don’t expect to become an Established Citizen in the first week. OR you can fast track the process through our Tebex!