Running a group in server can be a little complicated, so we’ve created this guide will give you a little bit of an idea on what you’ll need to do to start a gang and the actions to take to keep it running. 


what gangs receive on our server

  • Exclusive access to a gang specific vehicle.
  • Addition of an MLO hideout/clubhouse (this is not free, you will have to pay into the property like every other business/player does). 
  • Club specific rank system, a club society/money storage & two storages. 
  • Custom designed gang specific clothing. 
  • Exclusive access to an illegal drug or activity on the server. 


Getting Started

  • Have an idea of what kind of gang you want to run (car focused, MC, mafia styled, etc).
  • Have gang specific colors and vehicles in mind? Clothing? Motorcycles? Masks? MC cuts? Put all of that in your proposal.
  • Have some sort of income coming in, whether it’s illegal or legal. You’ll have to pay into your hideout/clubhouse until it’s paid off & gang exclusive cars you might buy. 
  • You’ll need to have some sort of in-server money stashed for a deposit for your hideout. 
  • Come up with club ranks and what ranks you want to have access to: hideout, storages. 
  • Submit a gang proposal using one of our sample templates in a Discord ticket.
  • Answer any questions the staff may have about your business & we’ll put it to a discussion/vote to see if your gang is right for our server.
  • If approved, your the RP will need to be done in-character to begin the process of adding your gang (see a real estate agent if needed, put in black market discord ticket for exclusive items or a car dealer for gang vehicles). 


managing your gang & it’s members

  • You will have the ability to set your gang members ranks, some ranks can have higher access to storages and you can choose to payout your members out of your club money storage if you so choose. 
  • Some gangs charge a weekly dues to their members, others are made to help with gang tasks. Figure out how to work with your members to generate gang income.
  • BE ONLINE! This is so important as a gang leader, your members are nothing without you and need you to be a leader. Being offline continuously will force your members to RP elsewhere and leave your gang. 
  • Plan gang activities like drug runs, biker events, street races, family dinners, etc. This will keep your members happy and create fun RP for them.


tips for running gang

  • Don’t be afraid to run in your gang colors and do hood shit, creating beef and getting caught makes rp for other gangs and officers. 
  • If your gang has exclusive access to a drug, USB, guns, etc. don’t be afraid to buy, sell or trade those items to other players. 
  • Don’t affiliate yourself with every single gang or things will get extremely boring. Gang beef needs to happen and gangs should sort out their own beef without running to every other gang for help (it’s more fun that way). 
  • Don’t give up all your secrets, if you new gang members, they don’t need to know everything until they move up in rank and can be trusted with that information. 
  • Always be recruiting, even if you don’t have gang slots left “hang arounds” are a thing, you can always have affiliates/backup members if someone else falls through.


the work we do to create your gang

From a developer standpoint, you need to understand that we’ll need to take a number of hours of development work to add your gang (especially one that is unique or brand new) to the server. Gangs are especially hard to create if they don’t already exist on the server. Hours go into finding you a map for your hideout, building out scripts for your exclusive activities, making your gang vehicles function/adding them to the server, building out your rank system and customizing your gang clothing packages. This is not a quick task, so we need players to be 100% dedicated to their gang, otherwise the development work we do for you is a waste of our time. Please be considerate of our developers as they aren’t paid and they do these things to help the server with limited time. Now that you know the process that goes into this, if you don’t plan on sticking around and running the gang or passing it along to your members, please do not start one in the first place.