I’m in the Server, now what?

Everything we do on the server, we need to find and do “in rp”/”in roleplay”… if you need a ride somewhere, try to call a cab, if you are looking for other people, use the phone in game to post on Twitter. Do not use /ooc chat to look for people, jobs or other information. 



Go to your “Voice Settings” in your menu and turn on “Voice Chat Enabled” 

Set your “Keybinds” up, there are three!

You MUST have “Push to Talk” on in our server: 

Then set your “Radio”, we recommend “Z”

Set your “Cycle Proximity”, we recommend “~/`” (tilde)


` or ~ key for voice range

1-5 hotkeys for weapons

= to pull up binoculars

BACKSPACE to exit out of most things (Use ESC if BACKSPACE DOESN’T WORK)

CAPS to turn on cruise control

LSHIFT to turn off ABS and ESC (Drift mode)

LCRTL to crouch

SPACEBAR to jump or E Brake

Q to post against cover

E for commands and horn for car

R to Reload Gun also Melee attack

T to open command prompt for / commands

Y to get into trunk (Stand near trunk or Glove Box while in car) also accepts shared emotes

LSHIFT + U to open scoreboard

P opens map

F to get in and out of cars

H is the headlight function

K opens Clothing Options (Hold and use mouse)

L to lock and unlock cars

Z to talk on phone or radio

X to put your hands up or cancel emotes

C to look behind character

V to change view

B to point

N is default push to talk (you change this in teamspeak)

M to open emote radial

, or < to ragdoll

PAGEUP to open Dispatch alerts listings (PD Only)

F1 to open phone (Which can be purchased at 24/7)

F2 to open the personal menu (Inventory, ID Card, Emotes, Billing, Calculator, Take hostage (Deactivated) press the X in the center to close.

F5 opens extras menu

F6 opens job functions

F8 opens Five M Command prompt

F9 opens PD Radar (PD only)

F11 opens car menu to give keys/roll down windows/ETC

F12 to take screenshot

NUMPAD 9 opens Document Options (Medical and legal documents)

in car turns on left turn signal

= in car turns on right turn signal

BACKSPACE in car turns on hazard lights


T to type …

/report report any problems in game to admins EX: /report I am stuck in a wall
/ooc to talk in OOC chat box (do not use unless needed)

/clear to clear chat history

/disconnect to disconnect from server (/quit is preferred as EUP will be messed up if you don’t fully shut down Five M)

/quit to quit the server and close five M (If this doesnt work then do F8 then type quit in the bar.)



Prop Commands

/wheelchair to bring out a wheelchair for RP”

/removewheelchair to delete wheelchair

/tv works on some tvs. UUsing youtube, put in the code after v= (It will prompt you when the tv can be used by walking up to it.

/volume to adjust TV volume 0-5

/destroy to close video on TV


Basic Commands

/e (emotename) if you know the emote you are doing (/e leanbar)

/nearby to do a shared emote (/nearby hug)

/carry carry another player

/rewards for hourly rewards
/me in game display on character use as an info option (Xray results, BAC test)
/do in game actions (/do stares at car with amazement)

/showcash (show’s cash in wallet) 

/showbank (shows bank balance)

/showdirty (shows your counterfeit money) 

/showjob (current job)

/showsociety (for people in Society run gangs/MC’s/Businesses)

/showinfo (shows all info above)

/myid to show your server ID for transfers thru bank and such

/dice 1-3 to roll dice

/medcarry to carry a downed individual

/makeup (then a number) to put on makeup

/m to apply makeup

/rm to remove makeup

/h (then a number) to put on a helmet/hat

/rh to remove a helmet/hat
/rhair to remove hair if it clips through helmets
/nude to remove all your player clothing

/norm return clothing to default state (use with nude, missing glasses, rhair)

Spawnable RP Props

Road Cone – /cone

Busking Hat – /busker

Rolling Tool Box – /toolcart

Lawn Table – /table

Toolbox – /toolbox

Medical Box – /medbox

Medical Bag – /medbag

Lawn Chair – /chair

Engine Hoist – /hoist

Pile of Guns – /gunpile

Cardboard Box – /box

Laptop – /laptop

Duffle bag – /duffle

Soccer ball – /soccerball

Beach ball – /beachball

Gun Case – /guncase

Cleaning Cart – /cleaningcart

Drug package – /drugpackage

Metal barricade – /barricade

Photolight – /standinglight

Money Case – /moneycase

Foodtray – /foodtray



/shuff (move from passenger seat to driver sit if empty)

/rollw (roll window up or down)

/carsearch to search local car

/givekeys to give keys to nearby player

F11 – Car Menu

– See a list of your owned keys; click to borrow the key to closest player

– Control car windows

– Control car doors

– Turn engine on/off

– Turn neon on/off

Alarm System

– Buy vehicle alarms for owned vehicles.

– The better the alarm, the lower chances for successful lockpicking.

– Alarm prices based on vehicle price.


To pull a large gun, put in hotbar, press that key when at the back of a trunk

/rack to rack any gun on back (Needs to be at a trunk)
/holster 0-4 to put a holster on for your pistol or taser



Apply for these on our Discord under the "CAREERS" channel. Player owned businesses will need to be roleplayed in-server.



(All Dispatch keys can be rebound in ESC > Settings > Key Bindings > CD_Dispatch)

Dispatch UI (Small) – U or /dispatchsmall in text command
Dispatch UI (Large) – 9 or /dispatchlarge
Respond to caller /respond # (Reply back to call)
Respond to call – H
/panic for panic mode for PD
Move mode for Small dispatch – /movemode
Small dispatch scroll left or right arrow
/911 (text) – Place Police call thru dispatch
/911ems – EMS call thru dispatch
/mechanic – Place a Mechanic call to bennys
/taxi – Call for a taxi


The RIGHTCTRL + U Scoreboard menu CAN be used only to create RP with others through whitelisted jobs. If your car breaks down, the menu can be used to see if a mechanic is around to help you fix it. Using other whitelist jobs should be a top priority in our server. If one is not around, feel free to use a fix kit. Same goes for the taxi service, EMS and so on. By using these jobs, it will allow others to have proper RP within their chosen city job. 

Job Center

Extra Jobs


selling drugs

You must a sellable drug on you such as cocaine, meth, or joints. There are more drugs out there you can sell you just have to find out in RP. Once you have drugs on you hit “t” then type “/selldrugs“. This will activate the selling script. When this is active you can run up to any local and hit the h key to sell them drugs. Once you hit H the local will either deny you and walk away or will accept. You will then choose which drug you want to sell them. The local will give you a price, you can either hit h to sell the drug or you can hit your page up key to raise the price. If the local does not like the price they will walk away if they agree you can either up it higher or sell by hitting H.

steal npc cars

– Aim at NPC vehicles to steal their cars.

– Configurable chance of receiving vehicle keys.

lockpicking/hotwiring cars

– Lockpick parked & locked cars around San Andreas. Also includes player owned vehicles.

– Hotwire car after lockpicking, before driving.


Become established by creating quality roleplay with the rest of the community. Make a name for yourself around the server and someone will recommend you. Get to know other players, create great RP and prove to other players that you are dependable and will stick around on the server. Participation with other players is key! 


  • Established players are allowed to: 
    • Own property on the server and see properties for sale.
    • The option to manage/own a business.
    • Gain access to established citizen discord roles and chats. 
    • Allowed to vote in “community voting” sessions.
    • Allowed to acquire a pilot’s license.
    • RP trusted, will gain the ability to have both a cop & a gang affiliated criminal character.


Once you become an “Established Citizen” you can contact a realtor about owning a home, business or land in the server. A realtor will help you find what you are looking for and can easily add a housing interior to any door location in the server. Pink Cage, Eastern Motel & Bayview Lodge property rentals can be acquired by any player, not just established citizens

On Fate RP we allow our players to manage businesses on our server. We build out an entire script and functionality to allow your character to run the business of their dreams in roleplay. You choose how and who you want to manage it, how it’s run and how you keep it funded without the help from staff. This guide will give you a little bit of an idea on what you’ll need to do to start a business and the actions to take to keep it running.

Player-run 24/7 markets can be purchased by any player, not just established citizens (without a business proposal, if they are available, they are fair game).  

Read our “How to start a Business” process.


Running a group in-server can be a little complicated, so we’ve created this guide that will give you a little bit of an idea on what you’ll need to do to start a gang and the actions to take to keep it running. 

Read our “How to start a Gang” process.