RDM – Random Deathmatch
VDM – Vehicle Deathmatch
OOC – Out of character
IC – In Character
Perma/Permadeath – Permanent death of a character
FRP – Fate RP/Roleplay
Value Life – Your life is important, take care of it as if you only have one
Meta Gaming – Taking information you have learned on other characters or OOC and applying it to in game circumstances with characters who would never have this information.
Power Gaming – Setting things up in a way in-game that allows characters to get ahead, usually by bending or abusing the rules.
NLR – New Life Rule. 
Combat Log – Quitting the server to avoid punishment or loss of items
Must Win – Needing to win every single shootout or RP scenario, usually without thinking about others. 
Mr. Clean/Default Danny – The base ped character when logging into the server for the first time. 
Fear RP – If your character is held at gunpoint, don’t run away, play out the scenario with your captors. Value your life.
Government Official – Server Admin

General In-Server Terms & Phrases

Spider – In-Character way to say that a player is glitching and needs to jump as their character to clear/fix it. 
The City – In-Character way to say “The Server”.
Voice Box – Your computer microphone
The Government – The people who run & manage the server/owners/admins/mods
Government E-mail – Discord DMs or channels
Headache – Player is experiencing an internet connection/server disruption
Take a Nap – Player needs to relog
My Eyes – The way in which a player saw something that is different from another player due to server lag or connection issues
Tsunami – Server restart
Cop Bait – Circling or harassing the cops for an extended period of time
LEO – Law Enforcement Officer

fivem specific Terms & Phrases

On a Flight – Player is coming into or leaving the server
SASP – San Andres State Police
BCSO – Blaine County Sheriffs Department
LSPD – Los Santos Police Department

At Fate Roleplay we strive to teach rather than punish in most situations. We have a mix of new and advanced roleplayers on this server and understand that mistakes happen. We really want everyone to grow in their roleplay and thus we are lenient when it comes to small issues. However, if problems persist we will be forced to take a tougher approach and issue punishments. 


There are two category offences: Minor and Major offences. Minor offences will more often than not land you with a warning, but too many warnings and you may receive a strike for your actions. Major offences will be issued a strike most times and possibly a ban.  Please be sure to refresh yourself on the rules from time to time as things will be updated based on server growth and a number of other factors. 


Strike System

If you do receive a strike, this is how things will proceed. We are extremely fair with our disciplinary actions and if you have gotten to this point you aren’t playing correctly on the server. You’ll more than likely have gotten several warnings for minor infraction OR you have committed a serious infraction.


Strike 1 – 24 Hour Ban

Strike 2 – 2 Day Ban

Strike 3 – Week Ban

Strike 4 – 2 Week Ban