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Covenant Roleplay was founded from members of other communities that came together to create something incredibly special. All of our active staff have been role playing on FiveM for quite sometime and created this community to do things a little differently.

We wanted to create a community that would give back to players by providing quality roleplay experiences AND make sure their voices are heard. We have a fairly large community so far, but are seeking new active members to come join in our fun.

Create Your Story


When creating a character, it’s always best to have a background, theme or story for the character in mind. You character being something interesting or well thought out affects the world at whole around you and changes the story for other players. Things to keep in mind when you create your character: will your character be a criminal or a hard working fisherman? Are you going to be highly motivated or extremely lazy? Do you want to run a business or be a bodyguard? Do you want to live a rich life or do you want to be homeless? The choice is entirely yours, but we encourage you to stick within the boundaries you have set for your character. Ask yourself, “if I am a homeless civilian, would I be driving a million dollar sports car?” Roleplay isn’t about who has the fastest cars, most money or largest armory, it’s about character development and storytelling.